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K-drama review // Monday, July 6, 2015
3:31 AM
Peopleeee !! Hi. I'm back. So tonight, I mean this morning since it is 2 in the morning and I can't even sleep. I'm gonna do some k drama review. I've been watching a few dramas, so far BOF (boys over flower) is still the best.

First drama : My Secret Hotel 

Plot A divorced couple meet again as the manager of a wedding department of a hotel and as
groom. A murder case takes place. Sang-Hyo (Yoo In-Na) is the manager for the wedding department of a hotel. She is a perfectionist with a bright personality. once She divorced 7 years ago.
She meets her ex-husband Hae-Young (Jin Lee-Han) as a client at the hotel. Sang-Hyo and Hae-Young were in love and married, but they divorced less than 100 days later. Hae-Young is a famous architect. 
Sung-Gyeom (Namgung Min) is the management director of the hotel and Sang-Hyo’s boss. The murder case that brings about a crisis at the hotel is related with his personal history. He is in a love triangle with Sang-Hyo and Eun-Joo (Lee Young-Eun). Eun-Joo works as public relations manager for the hotel. She is ambitious with her work career.
Opinions : Sometimes funny, sometimes emotional, sometimes sweet, sometimes boring. Overall I like it. The hero is so emotional. He's easy to cry and I love that. It shows that he really love her. I think this is an old drama but it still fun to watch. Well basically I watched because of Yoo In Na. She's soo pretty.
Rate : 3 stars

Second Drama : Blade man 

Plot Hong-Bin (Lee Dong-Wook) is an arrogant man with an anger problem. He runs a game company. The employees are all afraid of him. He holds a grudge against his father especially. His father broke up his relationship with Tae-Hee (Han Eun-Jung) and he still can't get over her.
Recently, he seems angry all the time and his sense of smell has gotten more sensitive. His secretary (Han Jung-Soo) hasn't told him that when he gets angry, blades come out of his body. He is the only person that knows about that.
One day, Hong-Bin goes to the hospital to see his employees who were beaten by him. There, he notices the scent of Tae-Hee. The woman who has her scent is Se-Dong (Shin Se-Kyung).
Opinions : I love this drama. Funny cute and sweet. I love his tagline. "hug me" it's cute and sweet at the same time. I totally love this man. And Shin Se Kyung is so pretty. They are so adorable together. I just can't hold it.
Rate : 4 stars
Third Drama : High Society

Plot : Jang Yoon-Ha (uee) is the youngest daughter of a chaebol (family owned conglomeration). Even though her family is extremely wealthy, she holds a part-time job at a food market. She hides her background as an heiress and attempts to find a man that loves her for herself. 

Meanwhile, Yoon Ha's manager is Choi Joon Ki ( Sung Joon), a man who is determined to succeed to leave his destitute up bringing behind him. He even begins to think that marrying a well-connected woman will finally give him the lifestyle he desperately seeks. In her job, Yoon Ha makes fast friends with her co-worker, Lee Ji Yi (Im Ji Yun), and also meets Yoo Chang Soo (Park Hyung sik), the heir to the mall conglomerate where the food market is located. 

Opinions :  Well, it just aired. I mean it's only have 7 episodes so I don't really know how to explain. But it's fun. Hyungsik is soo cute here. His smile is so adorable. I love it so much. the way he smile and bend his head slightly is just too cute. The plot was okay. So far I like it. It's funny and fun to watch. And I'm here patiently and excitedly waiting for the next episode. 

Rate : 4 stars

So that's it my review for three drama. Actually I have plenty of dramas to review. But I'm so lazy to type anymore so three is enough I think. I currently waiting for secret hyosung drama, Cheo yong season 2 !! Byee all. LOVE YA

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Awkward // Thursday, November 13, 2014
1:34 PM

{aww this is too cute to handle}

Hi. It's been awhile. How ya doing ? I'm doing pretty good. Since I just finished my semester exam. And I feel awkward to type this. It's been so long I haven't write. and I felt so awkward. haha. Besides, I don't have anything to share. Should I write about my college life ? Nahh, it boring. I mean, I have fun there. but it would be boring if I tell ya about it. get it ? k, again I feel awkward. This few days, I've been watching Harry Potter for the..I don't really count how many times I watch. I become addicted to it. And I fall in love with Ron Weasley again. He's kind of sweet you know,even though I admit Draco is more handsome. Still, he is a sweet guy. So, it's gonna be harry potter everywhere XD please don't be annoy.

So, I got 2 weeks of holiday. can you imagine.. 2 weeks only ? this drive me crazy. I should get at least 2 months of holiday. After I've been suffering to be 'friend' with books. this chemistry and mathematics things. of course I should get more time to rest my head. and I only get 2 weeks ?? how possible is that. nevermind, I should just enjoy my holiday. 

In this 2 weeks, I have a lot of things to settle down. Oh you know, I start reading fanfictions again. haha. I am bless. Just so you know, since I enter the college I don't have time to read. I mean reading fanfictions. I'm to busy with the college things. And the worst thing is, I don't dream. I'm serious. I don't dream. even a nightmare. I don't dream of anything. it's weird. totally weird. and I hate it. Ah I miss comic. gonna totally shopping for comic after this. So yeah, bye. I don't know what I'm talking about. LOVE YA

p/s, I love these two human asdfghjkl

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